Thank you all so so so so much for the support of our villages through the awesome bags and dolls Maisie and I brought back from Kenya! It won’t be until our next trip to Africa when I can see Mama JoJo again and get some more of her bags to bless her in return,… 

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little teacher

In Attir, we visited the school Miss Lucy teaches. It’s the same school Kieran and I saw last year. But a new building! They were in a very small, hot, dirt building with one window last year. Now, with support from Global Hope’s village sponsors, they have a huge, open, airy classroom built with wood!!… 

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Mama JoJo, a blessing auction!

UPDATE: FINAL RESULTS! Bag 1: Stacie Decker won but let Jen Kerr have it for $135!!! Bag 2: Linnae Bosma for $200!! Bag 5: Stacey Clarke-Chavez $150!! Bag 6: Linnae Bosma for $175!! ORIGINAL POST: Kieran and I met Mama JoJo last year. She lives outside of the village of Shambani in a dirt house… 

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Ebola, vaccines, parental rights and measles.

As a protective, selectively vaccinating* mother of five children, one who was medically fragile and susceptible to illness, who is currently in Africa during the Ebola craze and simultaneously aware of the Disneyland and measles issues plaguing the minds of many back home, I have a strong desire to chime in about vaccines from my… 

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Help a village, get a doll!

Updated on February 22. New sponsors/donators and their doll choice: 1. Beckie Guerra – purple girl in front, far left 2. Inga Everson – blue mama with baby on her back, upper left 3. Stacie Decker – red and white “heart” design girl in center 4. Pricila Bercea – geometric mama, red, blue, yellow, white… 

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