Gingerbread Houses

We made Gingerbread Houses the other night. We used graham crackers held together with frosting made from powdered sugar and egg whites. And tons of candy. Yesterday, Stellan asked me, “How many days until the day after Christmas, Mom?” An interesting query that gave me pause, until I realized that he was counting down the… 

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the Christmas season

Christmas is around the corner! It’s been all green and brown grass for miles for weeks now, our first big snow having lone since melted. It doesn’t snow as much here in Wisconsin as it did when we lived up in Minnesota. If it’s going to be cold, the more snow the better! The kids… 

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Maisie’s big news.

Maisie is growing up and she’s ready to do something that’s been on her heart for a while and that’s to travel next month with me to Africa she will meet the friends she’s only known from afar and be changed forever no doubt


Get paid to lose weight. No, really!

I hope it’s not the spiked egg nog talking and that I won’t regret this, but I’ve decided to go out on a (Christmas tree) limb and give $1000 cash to one of you who orders the supplements I’ve been loving for three years (as a member if you are new) or reorders (on AutoShip… 

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