In the village of Gem, there is a group of about 30 orphans. Most of their mothers have died of AIDS. There are a few women who, for no pay, take care of these children morning to night, including school. Many of them have struggled with jiggers they get through their feet. Our friend Martin,… 

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Canon 40D Giveaway!

This post will serve as the compilation point of all the entries for my camera giveaway. Here is a list of everyone who has placed a 120 point order between 9:00 am Central on Sunday, December 20 and 9:00 am Central on Wednesday, December 23. (One entry for EACH 120 point order.) 1. Nicole Koetting… 

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What a chore!!

With my five children getting older and gaining more independence and responsibility, they made obvious to me the need for a better way to help teach and remind them what chores they must do daily. Thus, our new chore card system was born. Maisie would like to let you know that she was a delightful… 

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The one where you get to help.

Standing in front of her family’s kitchen, she hid her face at first. Only because she was shy. After a gentle glance from her mother, this sweet girl showed her beautiful face. Our jeep was parked in her village in the morning. On a school day. Why wasn’t she in school? I’m not sure. Pamela… 

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