On being an adult.

As a child, I never worried much about being at adult, except in that I wouldn’t be able to do fun stuff all day long anymore. I spent my summer days, and evenings, at the pool. Erickson pool on Losey Boulevard. It was a quarter to get in, and I collected the entry tickets I’d… 

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If you’ve followed me for long at all, you know I have major wanderlust issues. I grew up traveling a fair bit with my family, more as a young adult and a lot as I grew, believing at the time the lie that “once you have children, you won’t be able to travel, so do… 

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Remember our goats? When our family had goats* back when we lived on The Farm, I clearly learned that those cute animals can be very useful creatures. *Longtime readers will remember Lulu (who ended up giving birth to triplets after she moved to our friends’ farm), Freya (who gave birth to twins Fletch and Fluer… 

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One of the wildest and most mind-blowing parts for me of traveling to the same area of Africa over and over is how I can see the same people, time after time. Even in big areas. I mean, Isiolo is not huge, but it’s far from tiny. The first time it happened was about three… 

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