Remember our goats? When our family had goats* back when we lived on The Farm, I clearly learned that those cute animals can be very useful creatures. *Longtime readers will remember Lulu (who ended up giving birth to triplets after she moved to our friends’ farm), Freya (who gave birth to twins Fletch and Fluer… 

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One of the wildest and most mind-blowing parts for me of traveling to the same area of Africa over and over is how I can see the same people, time after time. Even in big areas. I mean, Isiolo is not huge, but it’s far from tiny. The first time it happened was about three… 

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Thirsty for more Africa!?

I’d like to invite you to join me on my next trip late this summer! Village sponsors get first dibs on spots. Others may join us if there is room! Contact me via email at or just on Facebook if you may seriously be interested!



Thank you all so so so so much for the support of our villages through the awesome bags and dolls Maisie and I brought back from Kenya! It won’t be until our next trip to Africa when I can see Mama JoJo again and get some more of her bags to bless her in return,… 

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