Canon 40D Giveaway!

This post will serve as the compilation point of all the entries for my camera giveaway.


Here is a list of everyone who has placed a 120 point order between 9:00 am Central on Sunday, December 20 and 9:00 am Central on Wednesday, December 23. (One entry for EACH 120 point order.)

1. Nicole Koetting
2. Kimberly Kidd
3. Kimberly Kidd
4. Chuck Smith
5. Kimberly Lineweber
6. Shana Eaton
7. Terra Atkinson
8. Barbara Fahrendholz
9. Barbara Fahrendholz
10. Barbara Fahrendholz
11. Barbara Fahrendholz
12. Sara Hintz
13. Julie Osnes
14. Cristin Neessen
15. Cristin Neessen
16. Cristin Neessen
17. Chelsea Hulburt
18. Carrie Pauly
19. Hayley Wiggins
20. Hayley Wiggins
21. Megan Higgins
22. Sheila Baack


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