Kala and his family


I’ve known him now for years. Here is a bit of the story of our friendship. Yesterday, Cullen and I got to meet his children and visit his home. And here they are.

27 goats


Yesterday we delivered the 27 goats some of you helped raise money for to the thankful women in Ola Nagele.



One of the wildest and most mind-blowing parts for me of traveling to the same area of Africa over and over is how I can see the same people, time after time. Even in big areas. I mean, Isiolo is not huge, but it’s far from tiny. The first time it happened was about three… 

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Maisie’s big news.


Maisie is growing up and she’s ready to do something that’s been on her heart for a while and that’s to travel next month with me to Africa she will meet the friends she’s only known from afar and be changed forever no doubt

Village Partners


I’m proud to know you guys. In the past one week, 40 of you stepped up as Village Partners, raising funds, awareness, support and camaraderie for the most forgotten people in Kenya. A huge thanks goes out to those of you who helped out and to Global Hope for being a fantastic organization who helps… 

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