Get paid to lose weight. No, really!


I hope it’s not the spiked egg nog talking and that I won’t regret this, but I’ve decided to go out on a (Christmas tree) limb and give $1000 cash to one of you who orders the supplements I’ve been loving for three years (as a member if you are new) or reorders (on AutoShip… 

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Third time’s the charm!


It’s being referred to as gen3xyng. The third formulation of Xyngular’s fantastic, most popular supplement, Xyng. And in my opinion, the best so far. If you tried and loved the first generation of Xyng a number of years ago and have missed it since the second generation came out and the first went away, you… 

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Today only. Until Midnight Pacific, to be exact. A promotion offering ONE or THREE free months of the most popular natural supplement (the one that helps with energy, weight loss, appetite, mood, mental clarity and more) is yours today if you place your first time ever order. To make good on it, just email me… 

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Free Xyng!


Former customers….you know who you are! You are one of the people who ordered Xyngular supplements through me in the past two and a half years. And you haven’t ordered in at least 2 months. If that’s you, I have great news! Today and tomorrow only, just for reactivating your account and getting rolling again… 

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Happy anniversary, dear Sheila!


I was walking through Target, trying to look for stuff and then check out. I’m a good multitasker, but not when shopping and talking. I had to pick one. Stopping by the Dollar Section, I pressed my phone to my ear, listening to the sweet voice of Sheila Curtis from Arkansas. Picking between a mini… 

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I’ve always eaten pretty healthy. You, er, know that already if you used to read my blog. I eat bark and acorns. So do my children. I mean, not really. But you get the idea. I discovered Xyngular about two and a half years ago. Raw, organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables inside whole food supplements…. 

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