Get paid to lose weight. No, really!

I hope it’s not the spiked egg nog talking and that I won’t regret this, but I’ve decided to go out on a (Christmas tree) limb and give $1000 cash to one of you who orders the supplements I’ve been loving for three years (as a member if you are new) or reorders (on AutoShip if you are old) or reactivates (if you are dormant).

All it takes is 120 points either on AutoShip or as a new member (a small pack or 3-4 individual supplements will meet this requirement) by midnight on December 20 to be entered to win the cash from me! Contact me on Facebook, via email ( or text (608-304-3471) to hear all the details or find out how to get your name on the list. There are only about 60 people on it. The odds won’t be bad at all!

In case you don’t want to take my word for it, check out these two friends of mine who heard about these supplements from me and decided to give them a try:

This is Julie. On the left is not her before photo. She didn’t want to take one! It’s a photo of her after she’d lost weight with the supplements and was feeling great. And on the right is her, down about 50 pounds total, now.


And here is my friend Chuck. He has only been doing this just over six weeks. When I saw him last weekend, he ’bout near disappeared when he turned sideways! He’s down 39 pounds as of the last time I asked him, yesterday.


Amazing, naturally derived vitamins and supplements. Powerful, jaw-dropped stories and success.

And $1000 Christmas cash.

What is the downside, again?


  1. Melinda says

    Jennifer. Can you use cheat plus like regular cheat and sprinkle it in food if we don’t havr 1/2 hr to wait? Will it work the same and how much should be used?
    Melinda Bole

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